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We help people make informed financial decisions.

Self direct your finances using our actionable financial research, or let our experts review your specific scenario and provide direct answers to your questions.

Compare investing strategies.

Our renowned quantitative research measures actively-managed portfolios against passive index-fund investing.

Discover your edge with private, custom backtests.

Professional, confidential research to help validate trade ideas and benchmark strategy performance.

Originate new insights with quality, custom trade logs.

Easy and affordable build-to-order historical options data that makes backtesting accessible to all.

Apply data-driven insights to options trading.

Research suggests quantitative strategies can outperform “market-agnostic” strategies with regard to total return, risk-adjusted return, max drawdown, and max drawdown duration.

Trading S&P 500 options using the s1 signal yielded:

  • 49% greater total return
  • 315% greater risk-adjusted return
  • 69% shallower max drawdown
  • “Infinitely” shorter max drawdown duration

Trading VIX options using the s1 signal yielded:

  • 382% greater total return
  • 352% greater risk-adjusted return
  • 48% shallower max drawdown
  • 94% shorter max drawdown duration

Trading Gold options using the s2 signal yielded:

  • 67% greater total return,
  • 142% greater risk-adjusted return
  • 45% shallower max drawdown
  • 50% shorter max drawdown duration

Trading Russell 2000 options using the s4 signal yielded:

  • 26% greater total return
  • 100% greater risk-adjusted return
  • 52% shallower max drawdown
  • 73% shorter max drawdown duration

Trading Nasdaq-100 options using the s5 signal yielded:

  • 76% greater total return
  • 33% greater risk-adjusted return
  • 2% shallower max drawdown
  • 57% shorter max drawdown duration

Consult with a financial data scientist.

Schedule a live conversation to review trading strategies, provide optimization suggestions, interpret data, get a second opinion, or simply have an exploratory discussion.

Optimize your tax liabilities and retirement benefits.

Download easy-to-use spreadsheets that can help identify, forecast and optimize sources of US tax liability, estimate Social Security benefits, and understand how benefits are impacted by early or delayed retirement, changes in earned-income, and more.

Audit and modify our research with trade log bundles.

Download the exact datasets used in our published studies to recreate outcomes, modify backtest durations, and apply different methodologies.

Crush your financial goals with a money coach.

From optimizing debt payoff to finding meaning in early retirement, our early-retired money coaches can help you achieve financial independence well before traditional retirement age.

Florida domicile services for digital nomads.

We offer Florida residential lease agreements for stable, secure and recognized physical residential addresses that compliment your virtual mailbox and satisfy domicile and USA Patriot Act requirements.

Partner with spintwig and generate recurring passive income.

Recommend, refer, or resell subscriptions to others and earn recurring commissions from each sale.

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