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We help you retire early.

We’ve been coaching individuals, families, business owners and institutions for nearly a decade with financial strategies. Our consultants, having retired early themselves, help people on a part-time basis.

Compare active-trading strategies using option and equity backtests.

Influence-free research that benchmarks common and custom trading strategies against passive buy-and-hold portfolios.

Discover your edge with private, custom backtests.

Professional, confidential research to help validate your ideas and benchmark strategy performance.

Manage risk with daily trading signals.

Research suggests that signal-based trading can outperform buy-and-hold and “daily entry” strategies with regard to total and risk-adjusted return, and max drawdown.

Trade S&P 500 options with 49% greater total return, 315% greater risk-adjusted return and 69% shallower max drawdown using the s1 signal.

Trade options on Gold with 67% greater total return, 142% greater risk-adjusted return and 45% shallower max drawdown using the s2 signal.

Trade Russell 2000 options with 68% greater total return, 192% greater risk-adjusted return and 43% shallower max drawdown using the s4 signal.

Retire early.

Accelerate your financial goals and achieve financial independence (FIRE) well before traditional retirement age.


Partner with spintwig.

Recommend, refer, or resell subscriptions to others and earn recurring commissions from each sale.

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