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Optimize your finances with one-on-one consults.

Strategy reviews, portfolio performance tuning, tax arbitrage, early retirement (FIRE), debt-payoff optimization, and more.

Hi, I’m Mitch!

I’m the person behind the spintwig website.

In 2015, I started researching financial independence and early retirement (or FIRE). Seeing how practical, simple actions resulted in actual dollars saved at the end of the month hooked me. I kept learning, implementing, and was able to retire from a career in IT and business consulting at 30.

As time went on, I began to look for ways to best manage my investment returns and stumbled upon options trading. But I was frustrated with how difficult it was to find centralized, trustworthy, high-quality research on options trading strategies online. So, I started doing my own backtesting research and publishing it here on spintwig.

Now I spend my time living life, which includes a healthy amount of riding my bikeAnd when I’m not doing that, I enjoy helping others accelerate their financial journey.

If you’re looking to accelerate your financial goals and feel it would be helpful to speak with someone who has already “been there done that”…

Master the process of financial independence.

Accelerate your financial goals and achieve financial independence (FIRE) well before traditional retirement age.

crush debt

Crush Debt

Reduce, eliminate, and avoid interest payments and implement an optimal payoff strategy.
optimize spending

Optimize Spending

Generate positive cash flow and widen the gap between income and expenses.
lower taxes

Lower Taxes

Pay less to Uncle Sam while maintaining or increasing government benefits.
get organized

Get Organized

Automate recurring tasks and get real-time reports to know how every dollar is spent.
generate passive income

Generate Passive Income

Learn the concepts of investing and get started using just a smartphone.
live freely

Live Freely

Use money as a tool to express personal values and achieve life goals.

Tackle lifestyle events with confidence.

Learn from someone that has “been there, done that.”

big-ticket items

Big-ticket Items

Identify the optimal approach to large purchases and avoid common pitfalls.
burning question

Burning Question

Get answers to common and not-so-common questions and what-ifs.
that one thing

That One Thing

Team up and knock out that financial todo list.
phone advocacy

3-way Support

Have an advocate ready to speak up or take the lead on the next financial phone call.
continuing accountability

Continuing Accountability

Stay the course with periodic check-ins and follow-ups.
life events

Life Events

#vanLife? Marriage? Explore the numbers associated with different lifestyles.

Penalty-free access to retirement accounts.

Fund early retirement with tax-sheltered dollars and skip the 10% penalty.

Tax minimization and arbitrage.

Tactics to improve the tax efficiency of your assets and cash flows.

Tax Gain Harvesting

Tax Loss Harvesting

Margin Loans

Retail Broker Business Model

Understand revenue streams and identify potential conflicts of interest.

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