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Discover your edge with private, custom backtests.

Validate your ideas and benchmark strategy performance.

Professional, Custom Backtests

Tens of millions of occurrences backtested to date.

Confidential Results

All communications and ideas will be kept confidential and will not be published.

Transparent Research

Deliverables include a master-results spreadsheet and all raw trade logs and data sources.

Pricing and Examples

Single Leg

starting at


Example SPX Short Put 45-DTE Leveraged Options Backtest

Two Leg

starting at


Example SPX Short Vertical Put 7-DTE Options Backtest

Iron Condor

starting at


Example SPY Short Iron Condor 45-DTE Options Backtest

“The Wheel”

starting at


Example SPY 45-DTE Wheel Backtest


starting at


Example IWM Equity Backtest

All prices are in USD.

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Discover your edge today.