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spintwig + Discord

Join the Community

The spintwig community is comprised of curious, data-driven people that enjoy exploring, challenging and testing ideas as it relates to financial markets.

Curated Participants

Access to the spintwig Discord is determined by a member vote. This helps ensure the community is full of active, helpful people and intellectually-stimulating discussions.

Request Access in 1, 2… 3!

1) Email: send a message to [email protected] and share a few sentences about yourself.

2) Highlight: in your message, share your experience with financial markets and what you’ll bring to the community.

3) Click: your message will be shared with the community and a vote will be called (any personally-identifying info, such as your email address or name, will be redacted before being shared). Upon approval, an invite link will be emailed to you.

Clients and Subscribers

Former or current clients and signal subscribers are auto approved; no vote necessary! Reach out for an invitation link.