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Content Guidelines

spintwig publishes actionable financial research, powered by quality data, to help people make informed financial decisions. Publish on our platform to share your original insights with the world.

7 Guiding Principles for Content Creation

Educate and Inform

You’re writing for people who are data centric and trust objective insights to increase and deepen their understanding.

Your audience is NOT easily swayed by conceptual arguments or logical fallacies. Don’t create generic or shallow content that could feature in a mainstream media article.

Be data driven and think critically when speaking to our awesome readers.

We Evaluate All Authors

We thoroughly review all writers before publication.

Writing for spintwig doesn’t require advanced degrees or certifications, but we do require transparent methodology and adherence to data science best practices.

Any thesis or tentpole statement should be backed by data.

Submit New Content

We only accept new content that is original to the author and that has never been published.

Provide Quality Visuals

Use well-contrasted charts and tables, where appropriate, to help readers clearly visualize the points being made.

Be Concise

We don’t have hard limits, but try to keep content between 500 and 2500 words.

Use Word Processing

Provide content using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Monetization Available

Authors can paywall and sell subscriptions to their content.

Submit Your Content or Ideas

Contact us about your content or ideas at the link below.

Use the words “Content Submission” in the body of your message.